Let’s go on a journey together. My blog begins with a new chapter as I reflect on my new role, new adventures, and a new team of diverse leaders who inspire me to keep going.

I can feel the neuroplasticity of my brain light up as I face challenges, change, and growth every day.

Here are my Top 5 Tips for aspiring 21st Century Leaders:

1. Celebrate

Maxine @maxinedriscoll is an amazing leader in education FullSizeRender (3)and I chose to go to her workshop to grow as a leader. I also wanted to meet Maxine face-to-face as I have been mentored by her 21st Century Think Strategic ideas, inspiring story, and energy. Maxine is all about empowering 21st Century Leaders and getting on board the revolution in education! I must celebrate meeting this amazing role model, and how she instilled a passion in me that has given me momentum to take action with my creative ideas. Every day we have something to celebrate. Feel proud of your accomplishments, you ARE making a difference!

2. Empower Others

Find out what motivates others and push them to shine! We all feel better about ourselves and strive to do more when our actions come from within. Allow your team to have a voice, to take action, and share ideas. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to coach and mentor teachers and students every day. I especially love seeing creativity shine through with a new idea, new approach, or new learning. By creating opportunities for this to happen, people feel empowered to share. Go and inspire others to shine!

3. Create a Growth Mindset

Challenge yourself to learn something new and change your mindset! I have chosen to really focus on my relationship with food. I am on a journey with food to discover where my cravings come from, the emotions attached, and how I can mindfully eat healthier. I have also decided to learn Korean, to really take the time to appreciate the language of the country I live in. Thirdly, I have chosen to grow creatively by learning to play the guitar. I’ve been learning to play for the past 12 years, and I notice a pattern in this learning that has been fixed. It’s time for me to grow and really learn how to play this beautiful instrument!

4. Build Relationships

Making authentic connections with people is an important part of leadership. Begin with your relationship with you. Spend time with yourself, get to know who you are as a leader; which includes your strengths and challenges. Discover your passions, joys, and fears. Find out about your character and why you respond in certain ways. Learn and become more self-aware. Then, take the time to know your team, how you work together, challenge each other, share ideas and collaborate to reach a common goal. Make connections today!

5. Discover Balance

Life serves us what we choose to take on and I have found myself in moments of imbalance between my mind, body, and soul. This imbalance comes from unequal time spent between work, home, friends, and self. It is important to accept the emotions related to being overwhelmed, challenged, afraid, and take action to return to a state of balance. What that looks like is different for all of us, and discovering that perspective is an important journey. I committed to exploring my own balance on February 28th. Rather than previous attempts to find balance externally, I decided to reach inside and discover parts of me that I have been avoiding. I have awakened my heart, brain, and stomach and how they communicate. I’ve decided that it is time to get to know these connections and make them stronger. Being able to juggle and navigate between polarities is an important skill in leadership. Remember to have fun, play and be creative along the way!

What does leadership look like for you? I’d love to hear your top tips too.

Thank you for joining my journey, let’s be leaders together!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Go and Be Leaders!

  1. Wow Mei-Lyn, you rock as a person, a learner and a leader!
    Fabulous article by the way. You have inspired me to try your 5 tips for aspiring leaders so I can continue to grow as a 21st century leader.

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  2. I agree; I see daily your dedication and positivity, and these words ring true to YOU. It’s great to be on the leadership team with you as we commit to empowering others and finding the beauty in every story. This is a great start to your journey! You’re worth reading. 😉

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  3. Well written Mei-Lyn, and so brave to share your ideas with us. That is what makes our community of 21st Century Learners become stronger – sharing and supporting all of us and all of our students to greatness!

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  4. Hi Mei-Lyn
    Great 5 Tips. Build Relationships #4 – good practical advice to become familiar with your own character and understand why as an individual you react the way you do.
    I hope one day I get to attend one of Maxine’s workshops too. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy the blogs and posts.
    Thank you for sharing. Robyn

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  5. That is wonderful piece. However, directors of education and school heads in my country ,majority if not all of them lack basic leadership skills. they are not approachable, they do not inspire their followers, they authoritarian and others. contemporary leadership goes beyond that. the focus now is team work, fire your followers enthusiasm and encourage and empower them to work hard. what i have realised is that effective leaders sell the institutions’ mission and vision statements and make all employees ownership of the organisation. however, the public sector especially education officers and Senior High Schools heads do not have any vision and mission statements written on a wall or posted on the wall.Appointment of leaders to manage these institutions is always based on LONG SERVICE. such people especially majority of them lack basic leadership skills. i intend to conduct a research on that because with my 12 years as a teacher, i have observed that directors and schools in my country lack these tips you have outlined. Thanks a lot

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